Welcome to the ultimate resource for mini bass boats.

I’m convinced that these plastic bass boats fill a HUGE void in the fishing world between bank fisherman and the guys with real bass boats.

Not only are they much more affordable than even a used bass boat, there’s also next to no upkeep involved.

I bought my first small fishing boat in 2015 and it opened a whole new world of bass fishing for me. Before that I was stuck on the bank and limited as to where I could fish.

Mini Bass Boat

What kind of boats are we talking about?

While everyone is familiar with the typical aluminum Jon boat, this site is more focused around 2-man plastic boats like:

Pelican Bass Raider 10e
Sun Dolphin Sportsman
Sun Dolphin Sportsman 10
Sun Dolphin Pro 102
Sun Dolphin Pro 120
Bass Hunter Boats
Uncle Bucks Pond Prowler II

sun dolphin pro 120
The Sun Dolphin Pro 120 is a higher end, larger mini bass boat.

There are plenty of mini bass boats to choose from and you can find them for sale online or in major sporting goods stores like Bass Pro Shop and Dick’s.

Who would need a mini bass boat?

These boats are perfect small lakes and ponds. In my case, I fish a 60 acre private lake that only allows electric trolling motors.

You can also reach shallow areas that are not accessible to a typical bass boat. Sometimes that’s the best place to find them!

These boats are also great for fishing on a budget. You can typically buy a new boat and outfit it with everything you need for about $1000. If you want to save even more you can usually find used plastic fishing boats for sale on Craigslist!

Thinking about buying fishing kayak instead?

While a lot of people love bass fishing from a kayak I prefer a little more room and comfort.

If you’re a bigger guy or if you like to stand while fishing like me, you should seriously consider a small fishing boat instead of a kayak.

These small fishing boats are inexpensive, last a very long time, and are extremely easy to customize with accessories and modifications to suit your preference!

When I first bought my Pelican Bass Raider I spent hours online looking through forums for recommendations on the best accessories and modifications to make.

small fishing boats
The day I brought my Pelican Bass Raider 10e home!

While there’s good information out there it will take you forever to scour the internet and find it.

The goal for smallboatbigbass.com is to be a complete resource for mini bass boat owners and those looking to buy their first boat!

Here you’ll find reviews and information on each boat and type of accessory as well as guides for different modifications.

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If you have a question that you can’t find an answer to please let us know here!

Also, we’d love to see how you’ve outfitted your small fishing boat as well! Share your setup with us and we’ll feature it here on the website for inspiration. Click here to get started!