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@smallfishingboat’s Pelican Bass Raider 10e

Make and Model of your boat:

Pelican Bass Raider 10e

How long have you owned it?

3 years

Type of trolling motor and/or gas motor?

MotorGuide Bulldog 40. No gas motor as I mainly fish an electric only lake.

What type of fish finder do you use? How is it mounted and powered? Where is your transducer?

I use a Lowrance Hook 5 but I use it with the Lowrance Ice Fishing kit. The ice fishing kit is basically a bag with a mount inside and a small battery compartment. It also came with a suction cup mount for the transducer but I couldn’t get it to work with my transducer. I ended up just using the standard trolling motor mount and it works great. I can keep my graph in it’s bag and just set it in the boat and plug it in when I go fishing.

What other accessories do you use on your boat?

I’ve added a seat pedestal to my seat so that I sit up a little higher which helps me steer with the Bulldog 40 trolling motor. I use a PowerPole HD anchor spike when I find a good spot. I power the motor with an EverStart (walmart) battery inside of a Minn Kota Power Center battery box. Other than that just several GoPro mounts and a paddle in case I run out of juice! That hasn’t happened since I got the Minn Kota Power Center which includes a battery meter…

How do you transport your boat? (truck bed? trailer?)

I just throw it in the back of my F150 and put one strap over it.
What type of water do you fish? Pond, Lake, River?
A 60 acre oxbow lake. When I’m not on that lake I’m usually fishing a farm pond.

What do you like most about your boat?

Probably the lack of maintenance (compared to a real boat) and the portability. I love that I can take my boat anywhere and get in and out of the water easily.

What do you dislike most about your boat?

It can get a little cramped if you’ve been on the water a while. It would be nice to fish out of something bigger every once in a while. Also, the ridged deck. It gets uncomfortable. I need to find a yoga mat or something to lay down over it.

What is the best accessory or modification you’ve added to your boat?

I really love my MotorGuide Bulldog 40 trolling motor because I can steer by foot. If the boat was a little bigger I could probably use the pedal while standing and fishing but for the most part I have to take a seat and use it. Still, it makes it much easier to fish and control the boat.

Anything else you would like to let people know about your boat or small fishing boats in general?

Well…I made this website because I think these type of boats can offer a lot. There’s got to be a ton of people out there that love bass fishing but don’t have the opportunity to fish big reservoirs or fish from real bass boats. I think these plastic fishing boats fill the gap between bank fishing and bass boat fishing. A lot of people could benefit from that.

Where can people find you online?

@smallfishingboats on instagram…and this website…

Products Mentioned:

Pelican Bass Raider 10e
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MotorGuide Bulldog 40 Trolling Motor
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Lowrance Hook 5 (the newer version)

Lowrance Universal Portable Kit

Lowrance Trolling Motor Transducer Mount

PowerPole Heavy Duty Anchor Spike
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Minn Kota Power Center Battery Box

Marine Raider 7″ Seat Pedestal

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