sun dolphin sportsman boat

Duane’s Sun Dolphin Sportsman

Make and Model of your boat:

Sun dolphin Sportsman

How long have you owned it?

3 years

Type of trolling motor and/or gas motor?

Minn Kota Endura C2 30# thrust

What type of fish finder do you use? How is it mounted and powered? Where is your transducer?


What other accessories do you use on your boat?

Battery powered navigation lights

How do you transport your boat? (truck bed? trailer?)


What type of water do you fish? Pond, lake, river?

Lakes and creeks
What do you like most about your boat?
Ease of launch and reloading from the trailer

What do you dislike most about your boat?

Drift and rotation due to lack of a rudder

What is the best accessory or modification you’ve added to your boat?

PVC rod racks

Anything else you would like to let people know about your boat or small fishing boats in general?

Fishing seems to be better from a small boat just due to how they can be used and places they are able to go. Also because of their lack of range, they force you to slow down and make the most of the waters available. After moving to a small boat I discovered that I had been missing so much when fishing from a large boat with a big motor. Because I had once had much greater range and speed available I had passed up great waters always trying to find the best places to fish. I never recognized them when I saw them because I’m not that great of a fisherman anyway. Since great range and speed is not possible with a small boat I was forced to concentrate and fish the waters that were within reach. I was forced to focus on what was in front of me and have caught far better fish from this 8 foot plastic boat than I ever did from a large bass boat. I have enjoyed the boating experiences so much more than before, not only due to better fishing experiences, but also due to the complete lack of hassle during use and maintenance needed when off the water. There is no loud engine noise, no smell of 2-cycle oil, no need to mix fuel and oil, no motor upkeep and winterization, no wiring connections to corrode (only the trolling motor which gets stored in the garage), no cables or mechanisms to keep lubricated, no boat hull finishes to maintain, no interior materials to keep clean or repaired, virtually nothing that needs worked on to keep maintained, and the work needed to prepare for launch or reloading on the trailer when finished for the day is far easier as well. The entire rig, trailer and all, is much lighter and can be easily moved around at home which makes hitching to the truck much easier. Also, in places without ramp access to water, these boats can simply be put in the truck bed and hauled in, then launched right from the shoreline. The possible modifications to personalize and improve comfort are endless and fun to do. They are more like leasure projects, not dreadful jobs. I will never go back to a large boat again.

Products Mentioned

Sun Dolphin Sportsman

Minn Kota Endura C2 30# thrust trolling motor
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  1. UPDATE – Since submitting this blog on my Sundolphin Sportsman, I have built and added a rudder. This has made a world of difference. I highly suggest this modification to anyone who owns one of these boats. It has stopped the rotation of the boat and made it much easier to fish from while keeping parallel to the shore. Aimless drift is a thing of the past now.

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